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Sultan Qaboos grand mosque tile repair and restoration project of EITILE Co, Oman, Sohar 2023 .......... Carpet design on handmade tiles for floor .......... Floor handmade carpet tile project in Qatar, Doha OASIS amusement park .......... Check our wooden packaging for handmade tile shipment
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Mosque decoration
Design, manufacture and installation of Iranian handmade swimming pool tiles.
Painting on tiles
Islamic Calligraphy on tiles for Mosque decoration.
Carpet tile
Handmade tile installation
Design development of tile panels to suit customer dimension
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Bath washbasin & mirror frame handmade tiles
Design and manufacture of Islamic decorative clay and ceramic pot, vase, ...
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   Eitile CV
- Name:  ERFAN INTERNATIONAL TILE                                                - Company Type: Ltd

- Brand: Digu

- Membership: Iran Chamber of Commerce Member
- Ownership: private
- Registration Number: 4....5  - in Iran
- National Identification: 10......867 - in Iran
- Year Founded: 1954
- Year registered: 25 May 2011
- Import / Export: Both
- Telephone: +98 31 32524142
- Fax: +98 31 33391187
Global Support: 0098 913 1285145
- Social Media Support:    WhatsApp:    00989131285145
- English website: http://www.eitile.com
- Arabic website: http://www.eitile-co.com
- Email: info[at]eitile.com
- Pinterest Page: https://www.pinterest.com/erfantile/
- Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/handmade.tiles/
- Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/Erfantile
- YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8SXq1zmJdTZLzIKw91VvJQ
- Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/company/erfan-international-tile
- Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Erfantile
- Skype Name (English Language): ali.akbar.salehi
- SMS Number (English Language): 0098 913 1285145
Founded in 1954 under the name of “Erfan Commercial Group” and based in Isfahan, Iran. Design, manufacture, installation and marketing handmade / hand painted tiles for places such as mosques, churches, swimming pools, private royal villas, king palaces, hospitals, hotels, and... - interior and exterior decoration - are our main activities for more than half a century. Europe, America and Asia are our target markets.  Erfan International Tile Company has a team of 3 expert designers, 2 calligraphers, a team of 46 experienced employees on manufacturing and installation part, a marketing manager and the CEO. We have completed many royal interior and exterior handmade tile decorations in gulf countries such as UAE, Oman, Qatar...


- CEO & CFO: Mr. Ali Akbar Salehi  (Please save below business card)

 Eitile's CEO visit card, www.eitile.com


- Design Manager: Mr. Akbar Ghazavi
- Calligraphing, Painting & drawing master: Mr. Majid Mottaghi
- Manufacturing Manager: Mr. Mohammad Jafari
- Moarragh Tile Manufacture Manager: Mr. Ghasem Foroughi & Mr. Ahmad Foroughi
- Color technician: Mr. Naser Ghazavi

- Moarragh Ceramic Tile       ( Mo / TC )
- Mogharnas Ceramic Tile    ( Mgh / TC )
- Moagheli Ceramic Tile        ( Moa / TC )
- Rasmi Ceramic Tile            ( R / TC )
- Gereh Ceramic Tile             ( G / TC )
- Especial seven color           ( S / TC )
- Golden Ceramic Tiles         ( Go / TC )
Please visit this link for more information about our Brand, Logo and ...: http://www.eitile.com/Page.aspx?page=Trademark_logo
Main and most important projects done by Eitile
We have done so many handmade tile decoration projects. Below are the most important ones. You can see the related web pages for each project by clicking on their web address. Also too see our all work history, please click here.
- In 1980: Imam Ali Library in Isfahan, Iran   
In 1990: Isfahan Abol Abbas Shrine, Isfahan, Iran
http://www.eitile.com/Page.aspx?page=Abol Abbas Shrine Project_1990
- In 1995: Imam Hasan Mosque, Isfahan, Iran
- In 1997: First Oman Grand Mosque, Muscat, Oman
In 2006: Ghasr Al Alam Palace, Muscat, Oman
- In 2007: Bait Al Barakah Palace, Muscat, Oman
- In 2008: Bait Al Mamurah Palace, Salalah, Oman
- In 2009: Bait Al Safiyah Palace, Egypt
- In 2010: Hus’n Al Shumookh Palace, Nizwa, Oman
- In 2010: Mosabne Jafar Mosque, Isfahan Iran
- In 2011: Bait Al Bahjat Al Andaar Palace, Sohar, Oman
- In 2012: Zeynol Abedin Mosque, Isfahan, Iran
- In 2012: Bait Al Bahjat Al Andaar Palace – Second Phase, Sohar, Oman
- In 2013: Kakh Mosque, Isfahan, Iran
- In 2013: Norooz Mosque, Isfahan, Iran

- In 2013: Jonaid Shrine, Khur Biabanak, Iran

- In 2014: Golshan Mosque, Gorgan, Iran.

- In 2015: Al-Sahlah Mosque, Kufa, Iraq.

- in 2019: TEC restaurant in Doha amusement park mixed-use complex, Qatar.

- in 2020: Afoos grand mosque, Daran, Isfahan, Iran.
- in 2022: DAS mosque, Isfahan, Iran.
- in 2023: Sultan Qaboos mosque tile repair (Restoration) work, Sohar, Oman.
- in 2023: 14 masum mosque, Buin Miyandasht, Isfahan, Iran.
- in 2023: Al Harthi mosque, Bawshar Zone, Muscat, Oman.

- in 2023: Mohammed Ali mosque, Eydhafushi Island zone, Maldives.

Our complete work history since 1954

- Iran, Isfahan: Reconstruction of Isfahan Imam Mosque. (Under dome and Right Minaret, Moarragh Work)

- Iran, Isfahan: Abol Abbas Shrine. (Moarragh, Moagheli, Mogharnas and Gereh Work)

- Iran, Isfahan: Reconstruction of Chaharbagh School Mosque (Moarragh and Moagheli Work)

- Iran, Isfahan: Imam Ali Library. (Moarragh Work)

- Iran, Isfahan: Imam Hasan Mosque. (Moarragh and Moagheli Work)

- Iran, Isfahan: Mosabn e Jafar Mosque. (Seven Color Tile and Mogharnas Work)

- Iran, Isfahan: Zeynol Abedin Mosque. (Seven Color and Rasmi Work)

- Iran, Isfahan: Hojjat or Kakh Mosque. (Moarragh, Mogharnas, Rasmi and Gereh Work)

- Iran, Isfahan: Shahzadeh Ibrahim Shrine / Ibrahim ebn e Mosabn e Jafar. (Seven Color Work)

- Iran, Khur: Jonaid Shrine. (Seven Color and Moarragh Work)

- Iran, Ashtarjan: Reconstruction of Jameh Mosque. (Entrance Door Ceiling, Tile and Brick Mogharnas Work)

- Iran, Tehran: Reconstruction of Golestan Palace. (Hall Ceiling and Outside Wall, Moagheli Work and Seven Color)

- Iran, Yazd: Reconstruction of Jameh Mosque. (Dome)

- Iran, Tabriz: Reconstruction of Blue Mosque - Masjed e Kabud - (Interior parts)

- Iran, Shiraz: Shah Cheragh Shrine (Moarragh, Mogharnas and Moagheli Work)

- Iran, Gorgan: Golshan Mosque & Ghaem Mosque (Moarragh, Mogharnas, Rasmi Work)

- Iran, Deylam Sea Port: Elahiyeh Mosque (Moarragh Work)

- Iran, Ahvaz: Ali ebn e Mahziyar Shrine (Moarragh Work)

- Iraq, Karbala: Imam Hussain Shrine (Moarragh, Mogharnas, Rasmi and Gereh Work)

- Iraq, Kufa: Al-Sahlah Mosque (Moarragh & Mogharnas on ceiling)

- Oman, Muscat: Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Mihrab section (Moarragh Work)

- Oman, Muscat: Sultan Qaboos Palace, Bait Al Barakah (Moarragh Work)

- Oman, Muscat: Sultan Qaboos Palace, Ghasrol Alam (Moarragh Work)

- Oman, Muscat: Majlis in Ghasrol Alam Palace (Moarragh Work)

- Oman, Muscat: Women Mosque (Seven Color Tile)

- Oman, Salalah: Sultan Qaboos Palace, Bait Al Mamurah (Moarragh Work)

- Oman, Nizwa: Sultan Qaboos Palace, Husn Al Shumookh (Moarragh Work)

- Oman, Sohar: Sultan Qaboos Palace, Bait Al Bahjat Al Andaar (Moarragh Work)

- UAE, Dubai: Royal Swimming Pool (Moarragh Work)

- Egypt: Bait Al Safiyah Palace (Seven Color Tile Work)
- Russia, Barnaul: Private Swimming Pool (Moarragh Work)

- Syria, Damascus: Iran Embassy Entrance Door (Moarragh Work)

- Syria, Damascus: Reconstruction of Bibi Ruqayah Shrine (Moarragh Work)

- UK, Leeds: Private Villa (Seven Color Work)

- Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur: Private Musume (Moarragh Work)

- Kuwait, Kuwait City: Iran Embassy (Moarragh): This project was given to another company, but our artists worked there.

- Lebanon, Chiyah: Imam Ali Mosque (Moarragh Work)

- Saudi Arabia, Medina: Private Villa (Seven Color Work)

- Qatar, Doha: OASIS amusement park mixed-use complex, inside restaurant (floor carpet tile panel)

- Iran, Isfahan, Daran:
Afoos grand mosque (Islamic seven color tiles for mosque decoration)

- Oman, Sohar, Sultan Qaboos grand mosque (Restoration and repair tile work)

- Iran, Buin Miyandasht, 14 masum mosque (Seven color tiles)

- Oman, Muscat, Bawshar zone, Al Harthi mosque (Mihrab muqarnas, under dome and calligraphy panels)
- Maldives, Eydhafushi Island zone, Mohammed Ali mosque (Main entrance Muqarnas in Mosaic tiles, Grand floor Mihrab Rasmi in Polychrome tiles, First floor Mihrab Muqarnas in Mosaic tile, Minaret polychrome tiles, Entrances polychrome tiles)
- Iraq, Solaymaniyah city, Grand mosque (Dome tile designing, manufacturing and installation)

Erfan International Tile working hours:

Saturday - Thursday 08:00 - 20:00 IRST ( Iran Standard Time ) - 03:30 - 16:30 GMT


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