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Especial Golden Tile
Mosque decoration
Especial seven color tile
Moagheli Tile Work
Swimming pool ceramic tile decoration
Especial tile work on the ceiling of a big shrine in Esfahan - Iran.
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Traditional decorative ceramic / tile
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   Mosque Decoration

Erfan International Tile Company has experiences of more than 55 years work in more than 100 mosques in the world and now can support for any interior and exterior designing, manufacturing and installing Islamic decorative ceramic tiles for any mosques anywhere and anytime. By utilizing our team members in our workshops to handle our customer needs, we are always on the forefront of designing, manufacturing and installing mosques ceramic tile in order to satisfy the most discriminating tastes. We are dedicated to offering unparalleled quality, knowledge, and service to designers and architects for mosque decoration.


Entrance Door
Mosque entrance door decoration design, www.eitile.com
Entrance door of mosques in Islamic architecture has especial design and decoration and mostly are made by ceramic / tile. Here you can see some samples and especial work.
Mosque dome decoration design, www.eitile.com
A dome is a structural element of architecture that resembles the hollow upper half of a sphere.
Mosque minaret decoration design, www.eitile.com
A minaret is a distinctive architectural feature of Islamic mosques, generally a tall spire with an onion-shaped or conical crown, usually either free standing or taller than any associated support structure.
Mosque mihrab decoration design, www.eitile.com
A mihrab is semicircular niche in the wall of a mosque that indicates the qibla; that is, the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.
Interior Design
Mosque interior decoration design, www.eitile.com
In Islamic art, interior design for mosques are very important and mostly are in Persian arts and calligraphy with ceramic s/ tiles.
Exterior Design
Mosque exterior decoration design, www.eitile.com
Exterior design for Islamic art in mosques are mostly done by tile / ceramic / mosaic and GRC work.
Mosque ceiling decoration design, www.eitile.com
In Islamic art, mosque ceiling mostly is decorated on some designs and calligraphy by tile / ceramic / mosaic and GRG or GRC.
Mosque calligraphy decoration design, www.eitile.com
Normally in islamic art for mosques - interior or exterior designs - calligraphy is used more and mostly in Moarragh and especial seven color tiles, .
Mosque column decoration design, www.eitile.com
In Islamic art, mosque column mostly is decorated by some designs and calligraphy on tile / ceramic / mosaic and gyps or GRC.
Shabakeh / Screen
Mosque screen / shabakeh decoration design, www.eitile.com
In mosque architectures, there are some designings in which mosques decorates by some especial ceramic tile panel called shabakeh or screen that brings the air and light to the mosque and... .
Pich / Ceramic Tile Rope
Mosque ceramic tile rope design, www.eitile.com
In Islamic decoration for mosques, we use especial ceramic called Pich / ceramic tile rope for the point of joining two walls. They are normally in light blue and green for exterior and golden color for interior decoration.
Pich / Column Stones
Mosque stone for entrance door design, www.eitile.com
In most mosques, for the base and top of the columns or for the entrance doors, where piches are used, normally a very especial natural stones with especial design are used for decoration.


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