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Here you can find special hand painted tile panel works. These works are artistic and unique.
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Design, manufacture and installation of Iranian handmade swimming pool tiles.
Painting on tiles
Islamic Calligraphy on tiles for Mosque decoration.
Carpet tile
Handmade tile installation
Design development of tile panels to suit customer dimension
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Bath washbasin & mirror frame handmade tiles
Design and manufacture of Islamic decorative clay and ceramic pot, vase, ...
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Frequently asked questions:

Find your answers here. If there is a question / answer you cannot find please contact us !        

1 - What are your most popular tiles?

Below you can see our most popular tile and ceramic products that we usually use in our projects. Please note that the design, color, dimensions and quality of our biscuit tiles can be adjusted according to your needs.

Supplier of hand painted seven color tiles, www.eitile.com

Supplier of hand painted seven color tiles, www.eitile.com

Supplier of hand painted seven color tiles, www.eitile.com

Supplier of handmade mosaic tiles, www.eitile.com

Supplier of order line ceramics, www.eitile.com

2 - What is the price per each sq meter of your tiles?

It depends on the design, amount of golden color we use in our tile panel design, the type of tile you need ( Moarragh, Mogharnas, Moagheli, Especial 7 Color … ), the quantity you need,  the place you want to install our tiles (installing on wall, floor, ceiling of a normal building or using on the dome or minaret of a mosque or church or in places such as swimming pools) and also the condition and the temperature or humidity of the area you want to use our tiles ( which makes difference on using waterproof or simple tile that cause changes in price ). Please mail us all those issues so we can quote you.

3 - Why designing changes the price?

The design of tile panels in all type of tiles we manufacture affects the price. If the design will be in a way that as an example in the area of 400 mm, we can have 21 objects instead of 44 objects, then the price will be lower because the number of the objects will be less and is easier to be designed and manufactured. (Below pictures: less number of objects vs. more number of objects in 400 mm space. (Also click here to watch the related movie on YouTube showing two different designs on two tile pieces of 20 X 20 cm. You see normal design will finish very quickly compared to the design which has small objects. Also check the cut pieces page to understand more in Moarragh tiles option)

  Number of Moarragh tile pieces in 400 mm size, www.eitile.com     Number of Moarragh tile pieces in 400 mm size, www.eitile.com


Also regarding Seven Color Tiles option, please check the below pictures on 200 X 200 mm tile piece:

7 Color tiles with very small objects in design, www.eitile.com

7 Color tiles with very big objects in design, www.eitile.com

This design has very small objects This design has very big objects

7 Color tiles with small objects in design, www.eitile.com

7 Color tiles with big objects in design, www.eitile.com

This design has small objects This design has big objects


4 - Does the price include installation, transportation,…?

In Especial 7 color ceramic tile (since we do not do the installation for you in normal areas not in places such as mosque) the price does not include installation and you should only pay for transportation to your area, but in other options the price includes installation but does not include the expenses such as air tickets of the people coming for the installation, air / sea cargo shipments to your area, accommodation for the people coming for the installation, VISA, taxes, amount of real gold color we use on the ceramic tile panels, food allowance and insurance and materials needed for the work.

5 - Should we also pay for the designing?

It depends on your project quantity and conditions, but for the design development (changing our design according to your idea) you should pay.

6 - Can we send our design to you and you manufacture accordingly?

Yes. The design could be done by you and we manufacture your tile according to your design. Even you can send us a picture (could be your private personnel picture or pictures from nature, animals, flowers, ...) then we draw it on tile panel in any size, frame and shape.

Please click here to see drawing on tile panels.

Please click here on our pinterest official page to sea some pictures which could be drawn on tile panel.

7 - Can we see some of your designing?

Yes, you can click here to see some of them.

8 - Do you have any warranty on your tile panel works?
Yes. If maintained properly, our handmade ceramics and tiles can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

8 - 1 - What kind of warranty do you have on your works?
Limited warranty

8 - 2 - What does your warranty cover?
Any defects or damages (incidental or even act of God such as earthquake,..) to ceramic tile panels installed by Erfan International Tile Company in your interior or exterior site area. These damages may happen after project completion.

8 - 3 - How long does the coverage last?
This Warranty lasts for 30 years after completion of  your project.

8 - 4 - What will Erfan International Tile Company do as needed for warranty?
Erfan International Tile Company will repair tile or replace it with new tile needed. It will happen by measuring the scope of damages and sending skilled people to fix the damaged parts and in Seven color tiles we will resend the tiles only.

8 - 5 - Who will pay for the charges as warranty claimed?
The contractor / customer should pay for any charges such as Visas, Air tickets, Cargo shipments, Food allowance, Ceramic tiles, the materials needed for repairment / replacements, Accommodation and Airport taxes. All for the people come to your place and in Seven color tiles, you should pay only for the tiles and its shipment.

“This warranty gives you specific legal rights to claim for any services limited to repairment / replacement / change of damaged tiles in your interior or exterior decorations anytime during the mentioned period of warranty”

9 - Can we install your ceramic tile panels or you should come to our area for the installation part?

In Especial 7 color ceramic tile, it does not need us to come to your area (except for mosques). In this type we make a map for the whole panel and each tile has its own code number on its back so you can install them by the people who are specialized in tile installation. But in other options such as Moarragh, Mogharnas, … we should come to your area for the installation part.

10 - How do you send your ceramic tile panels to our country?

In low quantity by air ( and in wooden boxes ), but as your demand scope were high, it could be sent to you by sea or road (Depends on your country). 

11- What is the MOQ (minimum order of quantity) for your products?

Please click here to see our MOQ and other terms and conditions.

12 - How many meters of tiles can you manufacture per month?

In normal condition, for Especial 7 color tile (especial hand painted ceramic tile), we can manufacture maximum 350 sq meters per month and for other options we manufacture maximum 100 sq meters per month. This low quantity production is due to manufacturing by hand not machine. But in fact it depends on your conditions and the time you have. In big projects we can manufacture much more to suit your needs. 

13 - What are the normal sizes of your tiles?

For Especial 7 color tiles, our normal sizes are 15 X 15 cm, 20 X 20 cm, 20 X 25 cm, 25 X 25 cm, 30 X 30 cm and other sizes. And in other options there are no fixed sizes.

14 - How long does it take for your tiles designing, manufacturing and installation part?

It depends on your project time and the quantity you need. We can arrange for every quantity you need and for the soonest time of full delivery to suit your project time.

15 - How long does it take for your tiles to be here in our country ( Transportation only ) ?

By Air:                    Between 3 to 7 business days depends on your country.
By Sea:                  Between 15 to 30 business days depends on your country.
By Road:                Between 10 to 25 business days depends on your country.

16 - How is the payment process?

For Especial 7 color ceramic tile, after full payment we send you the materials. For other options you will pay 50 % of the whole price as advance payment and 30 % as you receive the ceramic tiles in your country and the rest 20 % as we finish 80% of the whole installation work and your approval.

17 - How can we order for your tiles?

First have a deep look at our website www.eitile.com and find the types of tiles we have and also clarify your situation, your need for the interior design or exterior design, normal building or other buildings such as mosque, church, university…, quantity or measurements, and the period in which your project should be finished, then mail them to info[at]eitile.com and you will get our quotation (price, terms and conditions) within maximum 24 hours.

Please click here to see more about how to order our products.

18 - Can we come to Iran to see your company office, workshop and your works?

Yes. Anytime you can come to our area. We are in Esfahan city. Please let us know your coming in advance (1 week sooner).

19 - How many colors can you use in your tile work?

We can produce up to 28 colors manually. Please Visit our color scheme here.

20 - For the big jobs ( More than 5000 sq meters of Moarragh tile in a place such as a big Mosque ), since you are manufacturing by hand, normally how long it takes to be completed?

We normally use all our masters and workers in these situations and we can finish these jobs up to 300 to 350 sq meters (+ / - 10 sq meters) per month. It means we can finish about 4200 sq meters within a year. But you should let us know 2 months sooner so we can manage it to handle your big jobs.

21 - What is the recommended washing and handling for your tiles?

We recommend to use a mild soap and warm water to clean. It is better no to use washing machine to wash. As with everything, gentle handcare, love and respect will yield you many years of enjoyment with the colored sets.

22 - Who should I contact to see when my item will be finished or shipped?

There is no need to contact us for order or shipping information. We will be in regular contact with you from the minute you place your order up to final delivery. But if you have a question write us at info[at]eitile.com or call us using contact us page information. (We normally update you through WhatsApp : +98 913 1285145)

23 - What if I receive the item and it is broken?

All items are packed according to international shipping standards and shipped insured. The possibility of damage to your shipment during transport is very small. If shipping damage is evident at delivery (this is only for Especial 7 color tile only), just send us the broken tile, then we will resend the same piece to you (that will be free) as soon as possible. This is accepted till 3 calendar days of receiving the tiles - not after that - in the destination.

24 - What is the thickness for your tiles itself and with normal concrete (Sand & Cement) or GRC (Glass Reinforcement Concrete) ?

In Moarragh (including Moarragh 3D & Girih), Mogharnas and Moagheli, we use tiles in two different thicknesses: 20 mm thickness for exterior decoration such as the dome and minarets and 13 mm for interior decoration such as the walls, mihrabs, ceilings and columns. The whole thickness plus normal concerete will be 45 mm to 55 mm and plus GRC (as concrete) will be approx. 35 mm.  In Especial 7 color, our tile itself has a thickness of approx. 8 mm to 20 mm and we use normal concrete (not GRC), in this case the total thickness (plus normal concrete) will be approx. 45 mm.

25 - What is the standard weather temperature for your ceramic tile installed on their places?

In the interior decoration there would be no problem for the temperature, only for the outside decoration the maximum temperature is +70 centigrade and minimum is -20 centigrade. We can use our nano materials so the maximum temperature will be +90 centigrade and minimum will be -50 centigrade

26 - How you protect your ceramic tiles to be waterproof, non scratch, anti UV, anti fungi and auto cleaned and for how long it will be persistent?

We use especial WRA, WRD and ASC nano technology. For 4 to 6 years, after that time, it should be coated again with nano.

27 - Is it possible to use your ceramic tiles in the swimming pools? 

Yes, please click here to see our swimming pool tiles.

28 - What are suitable applications for your handmade ceramic or tiles?

Walls, Floors, Steam showers, stairs (recommended for indoor), countertops, pools (indoor and outdoor). For fireplace, not recommended for inside firebox but its surround is okay.

29 - What is the differences between Especial 7 Color ceramic tile panels and Moarragh mosaic tile panels? 

Moarragh ceramic tile, consists of cut pieces of tiles with varied designs and colors put side by side to form a symmetrical complex. These tiles have the unique features of being conveniently modified by tools. Especial 7 color ceramic tile usually produces from square pieces by sizes 15 * 15 and 20 * 20 centimeter (and in some cases the size customizes in 25 * 45 and 25 * 50 centimeter), also seven color tiles which are used for minaret and dome are 7.5 * 15 or 10 * 20 centimeter in white color. These tiles are put beside each other and the design is engraved on a paper, before that it is copied on a tile by coal powder. Have a look at below pictures to see the differences between them:

 Moarragh VS Especial seven color tile piece, www.eitile.com

In exterior decorations such as mosque minarets and mosque dome, it is better not to use Especial 7 color and use Moarragh instead. Normally as you use our Especial 7 color ceramic tile - depends on your weather conditions (humidity, dryness, temperature, sun rays, ...) we guarantee less than using other types of our ceramic tiles.

30 - In what temperature you fire your tile and its glaze?

It depends on the tile type, colors and its glaze i.e. in normal seven color, the temperature will be from 900 to 1100 centigrade and in seven color tiles with golden colors, the temperature will be around 750 centigrade.

31 - The nano technology you use is for ceramic tiles. Can we use it for stone?

Yes, the WRA, WRD and ASC nanotechnology we use, can also be used for stone, sand, concrete, soil... to make them waterproof, non scratch, anti UV, anti fungi...

32 - Do your glazed / unglazed ceramic tiles (Moarragh, Moagheli, Muqarnas, Golden and Especial Seven Color / Polychromic) contain any Calcium oxide (CaO)?
No. Please check our Product Specifications page

33 - What is the weight for your products (Except Traditional Ceramic/Tile)?

**  In Especial 7 Color tiles we have 3 different thicknesses: 8 mm, 10 mm and 20 mm.
- For 8 mm thickness - size 200 mm X 200 mm - the weight is 450 gr. (Machine Made Biscuit only)
- For 10 mm thickness - size 300 mm X 300 mm - the weight is 1480 gr. (Machine Made Biscuit only)
- For 20 mm thickness - size 200 mm X 200 mm - the weight is 1050 gr. (Machine made / Hand made Biscuit)

Especial 7 color tile, 8 mm thickness, www.eitile.com Especial 7 color tile, 20 mm thickness, www.eitile.com


**  In Moarragh (including Moarragh 3D & Gereh), Mogharnas, Moagheli and Golden tiles, our tile's normall thickness is 12 to 15 mm - size 200  X 200 mm and 150 X 150 mm of tile pieces - the weight is 450 to 500 gr.

Note: For mosque dome usage, we recommend the thickness of 15 to 20 mm.

Moarragh Tile Thickness, www.eitile.com


34 - What is the "Mohs" scale of mineral hardness / scratch  for your ceramic tiles (Except Traditional Ceramic/Tile)?

The Mohs scale is  6.5  according to the following table: 
Mineral Example MOHS Material
Talc Fingernail scratches it easily 1 Inexpensive sheet vinyl
Gypsum Fingernail scratches it 2 Wood flooring
Calcite Copper penny scratches it 3 Laminate flooring
Fluorite Steel knife scratches it easily 4 Black marble
Apatite Steel knife scratches it 5 Glazed ceramic wall tile
Feldspar Steel knife does not scratch it easily, but scratches glass 6 Glazed ceramic floor tile
Quartz Hardest common mineral, scratches steel and glass easily 7 Glazed ceramic floor tile
Topaz Harder than any common mineral 8 Unglazed porcelain
Corundum Scratches topaz 9 Unglazed porcelain
Diamond Hardest of all minerals 10 No flooring this hard yet !

35 - What is the breakage index ( N / mm2 ) average in your products?

In ISIRI 9169 - 11 standard:

In 13 mm thickness of Moarragh (including Moarragh 3D and Gereh), Moagheli, Mogharnas and Golden ceramic tiles is 13.85 N / mm2.

In 20 mm thickness of Especial seven color / Polychromic ceramic tiles is 18.01 N / mm2.

36- What is the "MR" or Moisture Rating (Density of tile determined by water absorption)?

In ISIRI 9169 - 2 standard:

In 13 mm thickness of Moarragh (including Moarragh 3D and Gereh), Moagheli, Mogharnas and Golden ceramic tiles is 25.5 % .

In 20 mm thickness of Especial seven color / Polychromic ceramic tiles is 19.5 % .

In ASTM C373 - 88 (2006) standard for semi vitreous Nano test:

In 13 mm thickness of Moarragh (including Moarragh 3D and Gereh), Moagheli, Mogharnas and Golden ceramic tiles is 5.5

In 20 mm thickness of Especial seven color / Polychromic ceramic tiles is 6

37- Are your ceramic tiles resistant to domestic Chemicals, Swimming pools detergents, Humidity and Thermal shocks?

Yes. ( Except detergents containing hydrofluoric acid )

38- What are the ways for your ceramic tile panel backside fixing?

Please click here to see the details.

39- What are your manufacture and installation work statements?

Please click here to see the details.

40- What type of buildings are suitable for your ceramic tiles to be in its interior or exterior decoration?

Our ceramic tiles could be used in Private houses, Mosque, Church, Shrine, Palace, University, Hospital, Museum, Swimming pools, Vila, Airport, Stadium.....for interior and exterior decoration.

41- What are your preliminaries work for mosque ceramic tile decoration before you start installation part?

Before we install our ceramic tiles, we should put lines (order Lines) to define exact places for ceramic tile panels and this should be done for all kinds of our product installation in Mosques.
42- Are your ceramic tiles are from Iran?

All our ceramic tiles are from Isfahan, Iran. We never use any other types (such as Chinese, Indian, Turkish...) of ceramic tile raw materials in our work.
43- Can we have your company CV and Catalogue?

Yes. Please visit our company CV by clicking here, also download our latest catalogue here.

44- What if any dispute or claim arises in our work with you?

All disputes and claims arising from or relating to the contract including its conclusion, validity, termination or breach, and its interpretation or application, shall be submitted to the Arbitration Center of the Iran Chamber (ACIC) for binding and final arbitration by one or three arbitrators in accordance with the Law of Statute of the Arbitration Center of the Iran Chamber and Arbitration Rules of ACIC. In addition to the applicable laws and regulations, the arbitrator(s) shall take into account the relevant trade usages. The present arbitration clause shall be treated as an agreement independent of this contract and shall in any case be binding."

45- Can we have your products samples?

Yes. You can have our product samples. Unfortunately they are not free and you are kindly asked to pay for them. Please click here to see its conditions.

46- What is the gap size between each biscuit of the Seven Color Tile after installation? Does it affect the total measurement?

The tiles are side by side with maximum 1 mm gap between the biscuits. It affects the total measurement but we calculate it plus tile sizes to the end of the panel.

47- What is your typical lead time for an order? How can we reduce it?

We always manufacture to order. Therefore, we do not maintain an inventory of products ready to ship. Lead time depends on the size and complexity of the design of an order, and the customer's project schedule, but is always contingent on the receipt of approved shop drawings / designs and your full payment. Lead times are always calculated from the time approved drawings / designs and the payments are received by Erfan International Tile Co.

48- Can we see your recently tile panels you have sent for your recent customers?

Yes, please click  here  to see our recently tile panels we have sent to our customers in different countries.

49- Can we use your tiles for floor decoration?

Yes, you can use our tiles for floor too. Please check here to see the sample.

50- As per world sanctions toward Iran, can you come to our area and do drawing, manufacturing and installation of your tiles here in our country (Outside Iran)? 

Yes, but depends on your quantity. In that case, we come to your country and do designing, manufacturing and also installation at your site. In that case, we need tile raw materials, colors and glaze and also an electrical oven for firing the tile glaze. We will let you know all what we need in details as we agreed on coming to your site in your country.

51- As you sent us your seven color tile panels, how we can match them for the installation?

We put number on each tile and also on each tile box. Our tile panel order in its complex starts from the left to right and from bottom to top according to the numbers labled on tiles. Please click here to see its related movie for further understanding. Also we will help you every step along the way to ensure the end result is a beautiful installation that can be enjoyed for years.

52- What is the HS Code for your products?  Our products HS Code is 690740 (Handmade ceramic/tiles)
53- For your calligraphy tile panels, can you write your handwriting in other languages?  Yeah. Just send us your calligraphy contents in your required language, we will produce it accordingly. It can be available in any language.
54- I still have some more question, what should I do?

If you have further questions or queries, please contact us through our email info[at]eitile.com or call us using our contact us page information or you can find more information via our catalogue by clicking here.

Ceramic Tile FAQs, www.eitile.com


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