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New Dome Design for This Century .......... Nano Reactive Coating, Using Nano Technology to waterproof, non scratch, and anti UV our tiles
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Especial Golden Tile
Mosque decoration
Especial seven color tile
Moagheli Tile Work
Swimming pool ceramic tile decoration
Especial tile work on the ceiling of a big shrine in Esfahan - Iran.
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   Tile panels for different countries in the world


Tile panel for Switzerland, www.eitile.com




Tile panel for France, www.eitile.com




Tile panel for USA, www.eitile.com

Tile panel for USA, www.eitile.com




Tile panel for Norway, www.eitile.com




Tile panel for Oman, www.eitile.com

Tile panel for Oman, www.eitile.com




Tile panel for Qatar, www.eitile.com






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